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My name is Kelly and I was born and raised in Mooresville, NC. I went to college at Ithaca College for a BS in Exercise Science and ECU for my Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. I practiced as a Physical Therapist for over 15 years, with most of my practice in Las Vegas, NV.

As someone who has struggled with acne since teenage years and the never-ending curse of aging, I had become obsessed with my skin care over the last several years. It happens to many people, especially women, who are in their thirties and starting to look for the fountain of youth. I started trying new products and did research after research of how I could help my skin.

At the beginning of Covid, I decided that physical therapy was no longer for me. I packed everything that I could into my car, along with my dog, Lady, and made my way back to Mooresville.

For the next year, while in search of my next chapter, I traveled to different countries around the world. One of the country’s or city’s cultures that I looked for was their skin care. I was blessed enough to try different spas and facials from Europe to Asia to South America and more. I was fascinated by how each country had their own skin care rituals and how amazing their results were. I became not only more passionate about my own skin care, but also passionate in the process of transforming skin and its beauty. As a former physical therapist and skin care client, I decided that I wanted to continue helping people by helping to make them feel beautiful inside and out. So, I decided to go from a physical therapist to a skin care therapist.

Once I returned to the States, I went back to school in order to become a licensed esthetician to put my passion into reality. During my studies, I learned that I leaned toward the medical or clinical side of skin care while specializing more in advanced facial techniques. During my time as a physical therapist, I also had a special place in my heart for oncology or those with cancer. I decided to go through more training in order to specialize in oncology esthetics and helping those who are either going through cancer treatments or a survivor have the best skin possible.

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